Outpour is Closed

The congregation voted on August 11, 2019 to close the church. We have been in a six-month process to determine whether to continue as-is, consolidate into a house church, or to close our doors. After considering these three options, the Elder Team made the recommendation to close and the congregation agreed.

The primary reason for this decision is the need for our leadership to have a sabbatical. At the beginning of summer, a “fleece” was thrown out asking God to provide new and energized leadership if he wanted Outpour to continue as we would need a fresh crop of leaders to take over the ministry in order for current leaders to have a break. When this didn’t happen and the church shrunk, there was serious consideration to consolidate into a house church. But even there, leadership would be required and with Pastor Bum’s overdue sabbatical and the need for lay leaders to also relinquish responsibilities, closing became the clear solution.

Although there is a certain degree of sadness with closing after ten years of ministry, there is also a firm conviction of God’s vision and desire for reconciliation in our Saint Louis area and many of us go forth in even greater commitment to this vision. We praise God for the awesome privilege it is to participate in this call!

If you are interested in visiting an Evangelical Covenant Church, please check out Saint Louis Church Plant meeting in Crestwood on Sunday nights or Christ Covenant Church meeting in Florissant. Blessings.


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