Small Groups


I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways. I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.

Psalm 119:15-16

Outpour Small Groups provide a more intimate setting to learn to love one another and the communities around us. Below you can find a list of our various small groups, what we are studying this season, and meeting information.


The Cry of the Hidden Heart Women’s Bible Study

Wednesday Bible Study


Thursday Estudio Biblico

In the hidden heart of every woman is the deep desire for a love relationship.
Questions we will ask:
Why God created women
What is God’s “big picture” for marriage?
How can I share God’s plan with the next generation?
The women’s group is led by Carol Campbell and meets Mondays at 6 pm in St. John, MO. For more information, please email Carol at
The Wednesday group will be doing an expository study of the Gospel of Luke and focusing on the theme of discipleship and how the book presents what it means to follow Jesus. They meet at Antwon & Lakneshi’s. For more information or any specific questions, please email us at
Estudio biblico se reune cada jueves y el tema es un estudio expositivo del Evangelio de Lucas enfocando en el discipulado y como el libro explica que significa a seguir a Cristo. For more information or any specific questions, please email us at

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Thursday Cell Group

Friday Cell Group

                              Prayer Cell

The Thursday group will be focusing on Life Lessons from Jesus, a bible study book written by Bill Hybels and John Ortberg. The lessons will be guided by the book and will have focus on studying the following: Sermon on the Mount, The Lord’s Prayer, The Parables, The Passion Story, and Luke. The group will follow the book with the expectation that members will prepare and study ahead of time, answering questions in the book and sharing answers during small group. A link for the book can be found here. Leaders have extra copies of the book for folks during the first few weeks of small groups.
Contact Jin ( or Carl ( if you have any questions!
The Friday group is led by Dr. Craig Scandrett-Leatherman and will focus on the Gospel of Matthew. They will also focus on connecting with neighbors and co-workers in social-music-movie-outdoor events. For more information or any specific questions, please email Craig at
The Prayer Cell group is led by Robert Morales. It will focus on how people throughout scripture prayed and how God responded as well as practice applying these lessons by praying for others, each other, and the prayer requests of the church. This cell will also provide opportunities to learn prayer ministry as well as serve as prayer ministers during Sunday service. For more information or if you have a specific questions, please email Robert at

Central West End

Worship Cell

This group focuses on what it means to be a worshiper of God outside the context of musical worship. Many think of or refer to “worship” as the “music” portion of church service but we learn that worship is much more than that – it is a daily act of giving “worth” to God. It is open to anyone who wants to explore the meaning of worship according to the Bible. The first half of our time we typically spend in a Bible study series, and the second half of our time we spend in musical worship, where we strongly encourage those that serve on the worship team to attend. So bring your heart and your instruments to worship God! For more information, please contact Paula at
2-4 p.m. @ Jin’s. Last Sunday of every month unless otherwise noted. (Request to be on cell email list for ongoing updates).