Teaching Team Favs :: Change

Teaching Team Favs :: Change

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All change is essentially risky. You *can* change things, but you can’t fully guarantee that the change will be a good thing. This is why sometimes we irrationally hope that change won’t actually happen.

But if you’ve been following Jesus for any amount of time, you know it’s guaranteed that your life will change. And the good news is that the kind of change Jesus brings is worth the risk.

In this message from Luke 5, one of Sabrina’s favorite, we see the worthwhile change Jesus invites all of us into.

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Teaching Team Favs :: Change – Sabrina

Sermon Audio – Remain: John 15

In a time of great uncertainty and transition (Jesus’ death and ascension to heaven), Jesus last advice is not that they should work harder to do several additional things, but instead to remain connected to the most important thing (John 15), Himself.  It is not new things we need to add to our list, but clarity about how we should remain the same.

Play the audio of Josh’s message.


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