Advent: Hope

Advent | Mary the Revolutionary (Sermon Audio)

Mary the Revolutionary

God’s revolution is to entirely change our understanding of what we should value and pursue. Where the world lauds upward mobility and power, we are to embrace *downward* mobility and humility. And when we read what’s referred to as Mary’s “magnificat” in response to what God is doing through her, we see that she is in fact signing up for this life-changing revolution.  Listen and be challenged to do likewise in this message from Luke, chapter 1.

Sermon Audio

Advent | Mary the Revolutionary – Pastor Bum

Advent | Mary’s Faith (Sermon Audio)

Advent - Mary's Faith

When we picture the angel Gabriel speaking to Mary, letting her know that she would give birth to Jesus, we often have an idyllic image of a serene holy moment. Christmas cards often portray it this way. But what we see in scripture is that it must have been terrifying for Mary to have Gabriel appear before her with this news. And in the face of the extreme cost that would come with saying yes to this message, there is much we can learn from Mary’s reaction of FAITH.

Sermon Audio:

Advent – Mary’s Reaction of Faith – Pastor Bum

Advent Series: Hope, Love, Joy, Peace

Advent Series

Christmas is only a week away!  As a church we’ve spent the past four weeks focusing on the different aspects of the advent season – the period of time where we await the celebration of God being born into the world.

Catch up on any of the messages you might have missed as we prepare to celebrate Christmas in less than a week!

Sermon AudioWeek 1: Hope – “The story of Tamar is a story of hope *because* it’s so screwed up. Jesus’ glory and perfection and cleaning work is even that much more powerful. …”

Sermon AudioWeek 2: Love – “Love isn’t a choice between loving God and loving others. Rather, we are loving one another – our family, friends, strangers – by loving God and we love God by loving one another. It’s one and the same. …”

Sermon AudioWeek 3: Joy – “In choosing to die for us, Jesus takes the crown of life off of His head and places it on each one of us so that we can have life. And why does he do this? Because He has to? Because it’s that time of year? No. Because He is filled with joy. And He says, “I will do that ten times over, so that I can adopt you into my family. …”

Sermon AudioWeek 4: Peace – “So the question when it comes to having peace really is: Do you believe that God is with you? Do you believe that in the midst of whatever circumstances you might be in, that He is with you and speaking to you? …”

Christmas Hope in the No-Hope Zone (Sermon Audio)

Snippet: “We get the sense that Christmas for us isn’t always ideal.  That as we move forward in anticipation of the story of Jesus’ birth, we have parts of our lives where we honestly don’t have a lot of hope.

Today we’ll see that God has something to say to us about those darker places. …”

Hear the full audio of Cris’ message from Luke 1.


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