Becoming Agents of Peace (Sermon Audio)

Becoming Agents of Peace (Sermon Audio)


In this message from Psalm 25, we learn about how to be agents of peace in the midst of conflict and divisive issues. Listen to the audio below!

Sermon Audio

Becoming Agents of Peace – Psalm 25 – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Courage :: 1 Samuel 17


We’re likely never going to face a 9.5 foot tall giant on a battlefield. However there are probably things that are more daunting in our lives, that require an equal amount of courage from us as followers of Jesus. Every single one of us will have to face things that are as fear-inducing as Goliath was to the Israelites.

Where does the courage to face these things come from, and how can we embrace that instead of fear? These are the questions we tackle in last Sunday’s message from 1 Samuel 17. Listen to the audio below.

Sermon Audio:

1 Samuel 17 – Courage – Pastor Bum

Reconciliation with Family – Sermon Audio!

Reconciliation with Family

While it’s clear that Christians are supposed to always pursue reconciled relationships, one of the areas where this may feel the most difficult is in our own families. If you missed the third part of our five part series on reconciliation, you can listen to Pastor Bum’s sermon on reconciliation with family from 2 Samuel, below!

Sermon Audio:

Reconciliation with Family – Bum



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