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Easter – John 20 – Maya

Easter Season Sermon Audio


Here’s an easy way to catch up on any of the sermons you may have missed from the past Easter season, culminating with Pentecost. Listen to the audio below!

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Easter Sunday – Mary and the Resurrection – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Easter week 2 – Doubting Thomas – Cris

Easter week 3 – Understanding Evil and Psalm 1 – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Easter week 4 – Anxiety and Psalm 4 – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Easter week 6 – Evangelism and the Ethiopian Eunuch – Josh

Pentecost – Understanding the Holy Spirit – Cris

Lent :: Why Do It? – Sermon Audio


It’s easy to reduce Lent to simply what we’re “giving up” for the season. But is Lent really just about choosing into unnecessary inconvenience?

In this message from Mark 1 we explore the motivations for Lent through the lens of Jesus’ time in the wilderness right before the start of His ministry. Listen to the audio below!

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Lent – Why Do It? – Cris

Seeing Jesus Clearly – Three Unlikely Stories

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Seeing Jesus Clearly

Note: The image above is a “stereogram.”  This is referenced early on in the message.

Do we see Jesus clearly? Do we see Him at all? This past Easter, Pastor Bum’s message focused on seeing Jesus clearly in the midst of the noise of life. Highlighting this through three unlikely people that see Jesus for who He is as He is crucified, he challenges us to name the things that are keeping us from seeing Jesus clearly.

Listen to Pastor Bum’s Easter message below.

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Seeing Jesus Clearly – Luke 23 – Pastor Bum


Stolen By Death, Returned By Christ (Sermon Audio)

Stolen by Death, Returned by Christ

Snippet: “God was telling me, ‘This is not an option. You are not allowed to sequester away or kill hope inside a tomb. Being a Christian is actually stepping into a very dangerous place of hope, where you are setting yourself up potentially for disappointment.’ He was saying, ‘You need to HOPE.'”

Sermon Audio:

Bum’s Message:  Stolen by Death, Returned by Christ

Easter Sunday!

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Easter Sunday

This Lent season we’ve been focusing on what it means to pour ourselves out in love to those around us. All of this leads up to Easter Sunday where we celebrate the way Jesus poured Himself out in love for us. Join us for this Sunday celebration and for food afterward!


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