Evangelism III: Sowing

Evangelism III: Sowing

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A key component of evangelism is knowing and sharing our faith. But it can be frustrating when it feels as if what we share isn’t effective. In this encouraging message from Mark 4 we learn how the parable of the sower can inform our sharing of the Gospel. Listen to the audio below!

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Evangelism III – Parable of the Sower – Pastor Bum

Evangelism II: The Role of Healing

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Anyone who reads the Gospels recognizes that healings are a major part of Jesus’ ministry, but at the same time, we in the Western Church often have misgivings about the place that healing has as part of the ministry of the church. Why doesn’t it happen all the time? Why doesn’t it happen the way that Jesus did? And what is the role of healing in our church identity. Listen to the audio of the sermon below from Mark 1.

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Evangelism II – The Role of Healing – Pastor Bum

Evangelism I: Jesus Affirmed, Disciples Chosen

Affirmed, Disciples Chosen

In our culture, evangelism feels difficult — especially because of how unpopular it is to have a firm conviction about the path to God. This message from Mark 1 is the first in a series on evangelism, where we learn from Jesus and the challenges *he* faced in bringing the good news of the Kingdom of God. Listen to the audio below!

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Evangelism I: Jesus Affirmed, Disciples Chosen – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Courage :: 1 Samuel 17


We’re likely never going to face a 9.5 foot tall giant on a battlefield. However there are probably things that are more daunting in our lives, that require an equal amount of courage from us as followers of Jesus. Every single one of us will have to face things that are as fear-inducing as Goliath was to the Israelites.

Where does the courage to face these things come from, and how can we embrace that instead of fear? These are the questions we tackle in last Sunday’s message from 1 Samuel 17. Listen to the audio below.

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1 Samuel 17 – Courage – Pastor Bum

Pouring Out: Give (Good News)

Paul speaking at the Areopagus

Snippet: “Is the Gospel message good news to you? Because if it isn’t good news for you, it’s going to be hard to share as good news to others. And if it’s good news to you, then how can this be shared with your friends in a way that is contextualized and provocative?”

Sermon Audio:

Jean’s Message:  Pouring Out: Give (Good News)


Pouring Out: Give (Service)

Get Out of Jail Free Card

Snippet: “At that moment, instead of using your Get Out of Jail Free card and opting out of the moment of service and sacrifice, listen for the Holy Spirit. Because that might be the exact moment that someone is being set up to see the expensive and outrageous sacrifice of Jesus – to say yes to Him for the first time.”

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Bum’s Message:  Pouring Out: Give (Service)

Pouring Out: Go

Street Light

Snippet: “Wherever you go, you might not know it, but God is at work in the people around you. It’s not your job to convince people about the truth of the Gospel. Rather, you are to partner with God and the work He’s already doing.”

Sermon Audio:

Bum’s Message:  Pouring Out: Go


Following Jesus: Taking Up Our Cross Daily

Following Jesus: Taking Up Our CrossSnippet: “When Jesus talks about what it means to be a Christian, He says that we have to choose to follow Him.  Jesus wants to take us somewhere.

So where is Jesus going? And what happens when we choose to follow? This is what we’re trying to answer today.”

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Cris’ Message:  Following Jesus: Carrying Our Cross Daily

The Quest - Belong

The Quest: Belong

The Quest - Belong

Snippet: “Jesus acknowledged the need to build trust and establish a sense of belonging.  Too often someone shares Jesus with us through just verbally sharing the gospel, but the truth of a relationship with Jesus is not just an argument.  The truth of Jesus is also in the relationships that people have with those who follow Him.”

Listen to the audio of Cris’ message from Mark 2

The Quest - Become

The Quest: Become (Sermon Audio)

The Quest - Become

Snippet: “For some people their quest toward figuring out Jesus begins by seeing that who Jesus is resonates with who they are.  They start seeing that Jesus’ teachings, actions, and life resonates with what they value and already care deeply about.  Their path begins through the ways they are becoming closer to who Jesus is. And that’s what we’ll be focusing on today.  This idea of becoming…”

Listen to Jean’s message from Acts 17.


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