The Day of the Lord (Sermon Audio)

The Day of the Lord (Sermon Audio)

The Day of the Lord

As Christians, we believe there will come a time where God will intervene personally in history to bring about His perfect justice. We know this as the Day of the Lord — a great and yet terrible day as we are among those in need of forgiveness.

In thinking of the injustice of Ferguson, we see that God calls us to engage injustice now because He cares about justice and wants to use us to right it. But God also calls us to rest in knowing that ultimately it will be His justice that will reign, which frees us to seek reconciliation even before there is justice.

Listen to the audio below as Josh explores the Day of the Lord and its implications for how we should approach the injustice of Ferguson and the larger injustices of the world.

Sermon Audio

The Day of the Lord – Josh

Hard Teachings of Jesus (Sermon Series Audio)

Hard Teachings

Jesus’ invitation is into a radical transformation of the heart, not a comfortable hobby.  In this series, which framed our Easter season, we see not only the difficult teachings of Jesus, but also why saying yes to these teachings is worth it. Catch up on the entire series below:

Sermon Audio:

Hard Teachings – Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood – Sabrina

Hard Teachings – Pick Up Your Cross Daily and Follow Me (including Baptism Testimonies) – Pastor Bum

Hard Teachings – Forgive – Pastor Bum

Hard Teachings – Hate Your Parents – Jean

Hard Teachings – Buy Your Friends – Pastor Bum

Joseph’s Final Exam

Joseph's Final Exam

Joseph’s journey from being sold into slavery to becoming second in command to Pharaoh culminates in a very difficult test.  We see that Joseph has been, in a way, in God’s classroom this entire time, and it’s led to this climax of whether Joseph will pass the test or not.

As we consider the “tests” we face in our life, listen to Pastor Bum’s message from Genesis 44, below.

Sermon Audio

Joseph’s Final Exam – Pastor Bum


Fighting for Forgiveness

Keep Calm and Pay Me Back
If someone pays for your meal when you’re out with them (and they’re not family or the person you’re dating), you likely feel obligated to pay them back in some way. Or if someone gives us a birthday gift, we likely make note of it so we remember to give *them* a gift on their birthday.

In the same way, we often operate on the notion that we need to somehow earn or pay back the forgiveness God offers us.  This is one of the persistent lies that keeps us from going to Jesus when we sin — a lie that we need to fight against in seeking forgiveness.  We see what this fight for forgiveness looks like through the story of Peter in John 21. Listen to Pastor Bum’s sermon, below!

Sermon Audio

Fighting for Forgiveness – Pastor Bum

Reconciliation – Sermon Audio Update!

Reconciliation Series

Forgiveness and Reconciliation are at the core of what it means to be a Christian. Scripture tells us that Christians should never give up on people – that we must always forgive and always pursue reconciliation.

But why do we do this? And what does reconciliation look like?  Join us for the remaining messages, and if you missed any of the previous sermons, you can catch up through the audio links below!

Sermon Audio:

Reconciliation with God – Bum

Reconciliation with Each Other – Cris

Forgiveness and the Lord’s Prayer

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Upside Down and Inside Out: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount

Snippet: “As I prepared for tonight, I kept coming back to Jesus’ words. I can’t get around his reminder that they are my brothers and sisters, whether I feel that way or not. I can’t escape his repeated instruction to forgive them, to let them off of the hook, because He let’s me off the hook all the time. If I want mercy from Him, I am invited to show mercy – over and over and over again.”

Sermon Audio:
Andrea’s Message: Upside Down and Inside Out: Forgiveness and the Lord’s Prayer

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