The Weight of Guilt

The Weight of Guilt

The Weight of Guilt

Guilt can be a major motivating factor in our lives – and unnecessarily so.

As the story of Joseph continues, and his brothers come back into contact with him, we see clearly the impact and weight of guilt upon their lives.  And from this we are pointed to remember what WE are to do with the weight of guilt – how we can become better at giving that to God.

Listen to the audio of Pastor Bum’s message, below.

Sermon Audio

Joseph – The Weight of Guilt – Pastor Bum

Two Good Forgets (Sermon Audio)

Two Good Forgets

We normally think about forgetting things as a bad thing (and in scripture what we’re often told is to “remember,” rather than forget).

And yet, at the turning point in the story of Joseph — when we see things finally getting better — we find that there are two very good “forgets.”  Listen to the audio of Josh’s sermon, below.

Sermon Audio

Joseph – Two Good Forgets – Josh

Note: The audio quality is a bit off due to a recording issue.

Walking By the Spirit – Sermon Audio

Walking by the Spirit

Galatians 5 invites us to “Walk by the Spirit” – but what does that actually mean? Is it a matter of following the list of Christian dos and don’ts? Or is it something markedly different?

Listen to Pastor Bum’s message from the second half of Galatians 5, below.

Sermon Audio:

Galatians 5 – Walking by the Spirit – Pastor Bum

You Were Called To Be Free – Sermon Audio

You were called to be free.
Many of us live day to day as incongruent Christians: Christians who mentally believe that we do not have to earn God’s love, yet at the same time do so many things out of obligation, guilt, and shame in an effort to “make ourselves good enough.” We are offered the freedom of a relationship with God or the slavery of obligation and guilt, and we often choose the latter.

It is into this dysfunctional way of living that Galatians 5 speaks.

Sermon Audio:

Galatians 5 – Fight For Your Freedom – Cris

Body Image – Sermon Series Summary

1 Corinthians

For the past four weeks we’ve been learning from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians what it means to be the body of Christ. You can catch up on all four sermons here!

Body Image Sermon Audio:

Body Image I: Competition (Bum) – 1 Corinthians 11

Body Image II: Freedom (Bum) – 1 Corinthians 8

Body Image III: Comparisons (Bum) – 1 Corinthians 12

Body Image IV: Love (Cris) – 1 Corinthians 13


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