Walking By the Spirit – Sermon Audio

Walking By the Spirit – Sermon Audio

Walking by the Spirit

Galatians 5 invites us to “Walk by the Spirit” – but what does that actually mean? Is it a matter of following the list of Christian dos and don’ts? Or is it something markedly different?

Listen to Pastor Bum’s message from the second half of Galatians 5, below.

Sermon Audio:

Galatians 5 – Walking by the Spirit – Pastor Bum

Galatians (2): Where Do You Find Truth?

Galatians II - Where Do You Find Truth?

When we think about what it means to be a Christian, how do we figure out what is cultural and what are timeless truths? As we delve deeper in Galatians, we can learn directly from Paul as he strove to separate the cultural expectations of Judaism from the truth of the Gospel.

This is an important message for us as a young church, as we seek to not be caught up in stubborn insistence on traditions that have little to do with the Gospel itself.

Sermon Audio:

Galatians (2): Where Do You Find Truth? – Sabrina

Galatians 1: No Other Gospel

Galatians 1

Many times when we invite people to become Christian, we mix it up by tying in unnecessarily the expectation that they need to convert culturally as well. This can be a hindrance to people coming to know Jesus.

How does that happen here in America? How do we put cultural trappings into the Gospel message? Listen to Pastor Bum’s sermon from Galatians 1, below!


Galatians 1: No Other Gospel – Pastor Bum

Reconciliation between People Groups – Sermon Audio

Reconciliation between People Groups

While reconciliation is a huge part of our Christian faith, too often we think about it only in individual terms. But the amazing news of the Gospel is that God wants to see the entire broken world restored. His global plan embodies reconciliation of people groups. Listen to the full audio of Jean’s message below.

Sermon Audio:

Reconciliation Between People Groups – Jean

Philippians – Sermon Series Audio


For the past four weeks we’ve been learning from Paul’s letter to the Philippian church. You can catch up on all four sermons here!

Sermon Audio:

The Prime Directive (Bum) – Philippians 1

Stepping Into Humility (Bum) – Philippians 2

It’s All About Who You Know (Josh) – Philippians 3

Choosing Peace (Cris) – Philippians 4


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