Stages of Christian Growth

Stages of Christian Growth

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Sometimes we approach our faith in the same way we learn things in school – we put in lots of effort to learn, and are graded on our performance. But that’s not how growth in our faith works. Josh provides good insights into the various stages of Christian growth in this message from 1 John.

Note: The audio begins a bit into the message, where Josh is talking about things we do as children that would look really strange if we did them as adults.

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Stages of Growth – Josh

Pouring Out: The Great Suggestion

Pouring Out - The Great Suggestion

Snippet: “We are aiming to be constantly in a state of growth, going through those cycles, giving up various parts of our life to Jesus. The whole point being that we will produce fruit that will last. THAT is what God expects of us.”

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Bum’s Message:  Pouring Out: The Great Suggestion

Download the presentation that accompanied the sermon: Pouring Out: The Great Suggestion







Preview Service

Scandalous Jesus

Preview Service

As Outpour moves toward its official launch in January, we are hosting Preview Services each month to give you a sense — a preview — of what we hope to grow into as a community.

Since Jesus is the one who motivates our efforts, we are focusing on the various ways in which Jesus encountered those in His community.

And often what we see is a Jesus who confounds social expectations; a Jesus who engages people in ways that others do not – a shocking, scandalous Jesus.

Join us and get a glimpse, both of us as a community and the scandalous Jesus we follow.


– September 12 | Jesus and a Prostitute
– October 10 | Jesus and a Traitor
– November 7 | Jesus and a Failure
– December 5 | Jesus and a Corpse

Time: Each service starts at 5:00PM.


Memorial Presbyterian Church
201 S. Skinker Ave, St. Louis, MO 63105 (Google Map Link)
Note: Park on Alexander which is right next to Wydown. Look for a sign to direct you into the correct door.


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