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Hope in God in the Midst of Suffering (Sermon Audio)


Suffering is a reality of life that we do not “escape” by following Jesus. However, how we go through suffering or what we do in the midst of suffering can be and should be different for those who follow Christ. In this message from Lamentations 3, we explore how to have hope in God when we are suffering. Listen below!

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Hope in God When We Are Suffering – Lamentations 3 – Jean

Advent: Sermon Series Audio


Listen to some of the sermons from 2014’s Advent Series below!

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The Temptation to Despair

Hope versus Despair

One of the most dangerous temptations we face as we follow Jesus is the temptation to despair — especially when we feel lost, or without purpose, or we don’t understand why God is allowing something to happen.

The story of Joseph’s enslavement in Egypt cries out against despair, and shows us how no circumstances can thwart God’s presence and work in our life.

Listen to the audio below!

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The Temptation to Despair – Cris

Hope on the Road to Emmaus

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Hope is a serious and important idea for Christians. It’s vital to the Christian faith.

But in our culture, “hope” has become a little bit trivial. A little bit “slogany.” And many of us are at a point where we’ve gotten used to not having much hope.

In this message from Luke 24, Sabrina does an excellent job in unpacking for us just how amazing it is when Jesus promises hope to the people on the road to Emmaus — and to us. Listen to the audio of the message below.

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Hope on the Road to Emmaus – Sabrina

Stolen By Death, Returned By Christ (Sermon Audio)

Stolen by Death, Returned by Christ

Snippet: “God was telling me, ‘This is not an option. You are not allowed to sequester away or kill hope inside a tomb. Being a Christian is actually stepping into a very dangerous place of hope, where you are setting yourself up potentially for disappointment.’ He was saying, ‘You need to HOPE.'”

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Bum’s Message:  Stolen by Death, Returned by Christ

Advent Series: Hope, Love, Joy, Peace

Advent Series

Christmas is only a week away!  As a church we’ve spent the past four weeks focusing on the different aspects of the advent season – the period of time where we await the celebration of God being born into the world.

Catch up on any of the messages you might have missed as we prepare to celebrate Christmas in less than a week!

Sermon AudioWeek 1: Hope – “The story of Tamar is a story of hope *because* it’s so screwed up. Jesus’ glory and perfection and cleaning work is even that much more powerful. …”

Sermon AudioWeek 2: Love – “Love isn’t a choice between loving God and loving others. Rather, we are loving one another – our family, friends, strangers – by loving God and we love God by loving one another. It’s one and the same. …”

Sermon AudioWeek 3: Joy – “In choosing to die for us, Jesus takes the crown of life off of His head and places it on each one of us so that we can have life. And why does he do this? Because He has to? Because it’s that time of year? No. Because He is filled with joy. And He says, “I will do that ten times over, so that I can adopt you into my family. …”

Sermon AudioWeek 4: Peace – “So the question when it comes to having peace really is: Do you believe that God is with you? Do you believe that in the midst of whatever circumstances you might be in, that He is with you and speaking to you? …”

Christmas Hope in the No-Hope Zone (Sermon Audio)

Snippet: “We get the sense that Christmas for us isn’t always ideal.  That as we move forward in anticipation of the story of Jesus’ birth, we have parts of our lives where we honestly don’t have a lot of hope.

Today we’ll see that God has something to say to us about those darker places. …”

Hear the full audio of Cris’ message from Luke 1.


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