The Great Welcome: Hospitality to Internationals (Sermon Audio)

The Great Welcome: Hospitality to Internationals (Sermon Audio)

As we learn to live out God’s idea of hospitality, it’s important to understand what that looks like from the perspective of crossing into international contexts.

Hyuksoo and YuJean were kind enough to share their experience in acclimating to life in the US and gave a helpful understanding of ways we can all be more hospitable to internationals.

Hear the audio of YuJean and Hyuksoo’s message.

Note: The quality of the audio may be fuzzy until the 10:30:00 mark.  Bear with us as we work out the audio kinks. 🙂

The Great Welcome: Hospitality to the Holy Spirit (Sermon Audio)

If Jesus is this readily accessible, why don’t we have more interactions with Him?  Why don’t we hear from Him more often? Why don’t we take our troubles to Him more often?  I think we want that – I think all of us desire to have more interactions with Jesus –  but I think at this point we run into an insecurity that says, “I don’t want to be disappointed. …”

Listen to the sermon audio from Bum’s message.

Sermon Audio – The Great Welcome: Luke 14:1-14

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When you invite someone into your home or when you’re trying to welcome someone… you have to be willing to let them break your rules. …

Listen to the audio from Josh’s message here.

Note: The audio begins about 15 seconds into the message.

Sermon Audio – The Great Welcome: Hospitality to Strangers

When we extend hospitality to others, our hearts are being trained, through imitation, to become more like the heart that God had for Matthew and the heart that He has for us.  The mark of a follower of Christ is not the hospitality we express to our friends and family; rather it’s the hospitality we extend to the stranger, it’s the heart that we have for the stranger. …

Play the audio of Cris’ message from Matthew 9.

Note: The first minute of the sermon had to be restored due to a technical glitch, so the audio will sound different until about 1 minute into the message.


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