What Kind of King Are You Looking For? (Sermon Audio)

What Kind of King Are You Looking For? (Sermon Audio)


In a matter of days Jesus went from being welcomed as a king by the crowds as he entered into Jerusalem, to being crucified by a people who were now disappointed in the kind of king that Jesus turned out to be. And as we reflect on this period in Jesus’ life, we should ask ourselves what kind of King *we* are looking for. What kind of King do *we* want to worship?  Are we truly looking for the Jesus of scripture who calls us into a life of sacrifice and dependence on Him?

In this message from John 12, we are challenged to face this question head on. Listen to the audio below!

Sermon Audio

Lent, Week 6 – Palm Sunday – What Kind of King Do We Worship? – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Friendship :: 1 Samuel 18-20


Friendship is at the center of how God made us — He made us to need people other than ourselves.  In this message from 1 Samuel 18-20, Cris explores the contrast between our increasingly individualistic, consumerist approach to relationships, and friendship as God defines it. Listen to the audio below.

Sermon Audio:

Friendship – Jonathan and David – Cris

Jesus’ Final Hours – Washing Each Other’s Feet

Jesus' Final Hours

If you knew you had only 12 hours to live, how would you choose to spend those final hours? A party with friends? A few thrill-seeking adventures?

This may be a hypothetical question for us, but in scripture we see Jesus knows quite clearly that He’s going to die. He knows exactly when and how it’s going to happen. And as we watch the final hours of His life unfold in the book of John, it’s striking that Jesus chooses to continue to serve.

You can listen to the full audio of Pastor Bum’s sermon from John 13, below.

Sermon Audio

Washing Each Other’s Feet – Pastor Bum

Philippians – Sermon Series Audio


For the past four weeks we’ve been learning from Paul’s letter to the Philippian church. You can catch up on all four sermons here!

Sermon Audio:

The Prime Directive (Bum) – Philippians 1

Stepping Into Humility (Bum) – Philippians 2

It’s All About Who You Know (Josh) – Philippians 3

Choosing Peace (Cris) – Philippians 4


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