How Do You See Jesus? (Sermon Audio)

Take Off the Old, Put On the New (Sermon Audio)

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In scripture, Paul describes the premise that because of Jesus, we have a new “self” that we can choose to put on. And in this message from Ephesians chapter 4, Pastor Bum encourages us to be clear on what that actually means in our day to day lives. Listen to the audio below!

Sermon Audio

Take Off the Old, Put On the New – Ephesians 4 – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Jesus and the Crowds (Sermon Audio)


Jesus’ disciples repeatedly saw that His compassion for people exceeded their own. And this is true for us as well.  In this message from Mark 6, we learn from both Jesus and his disciples as they work their way through tiredness and hunger to extend compassion to those in need. Listen to the audio below!

Sermon Audio

Jesus and the Crowds – Mark 6 – Josh

Hard Teachings of Jesus (Sermon Series Audio)

Hard Teachings

Jesus’ invitation is into a radical transformation of the heart, not a comfortable hobby.  In this series, which framed our Easter season, we see not only the difficult teachings of Jesus, but also why saying yes to these teachings is worth it. Catch up on the entire series below:

Sermon Audio:

Hard Teachings – Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood – Sabrina

Hard Teachings – Pick Up Your Cross Daily and Follow Me (including Baptism Testimonies) – Pastor Bum

Hard Teachings – Forgive – Pastor Bum

Hard Teachings – Hate Your Parents – Jean

Hard Teachings – Buy Your Friends – Pastor Bum

Sexuality – Homosexuality (Sermon Audio)


This is the conclusion of our sermon series on Sexuality, focusing on homosexuality and why anyone, of any sexual orientation, would ever submit their sexuality to God. Listen to the audio below!

Sermon Audio

Sexuality – Homosexuality – Pastor Bum

Advent :: Love (Sermon Audio)

Advent - Love

Likely the reason that “Love” is included as a theme in Advent is because we see the baby Jesus as an indication of God’s love for us. And while that’s true, there’s another aspect of this story that has much to tell us about what God’s love is like. In this message from Matthew 1, Sabrina shares with us how Joseph and the way he loves Mary and the baby Jesus is an excellent model of Jesus’ love for us. Listen to the audio below.

Sermon Audio

Advent :: Love (Sermon delivered by Sabrina)

Meet the Teaching Team :: Josh (Sermon Audio)

Meet the Teaching Team - Josh

As we transition into the fall season, we want to take the opportunity to re-introduce the teaching team. Through the next four weeks, the messages will be a bit more personal, and we’ll learn through scripture passages that have been speaking into their lives.

We started this past weekend by hearing from Josh as he gets closer to marriage, and how scripture (Matthew 22) has been speaking to him in this process. Listen to the audio below!

Sermon Audio:

Meeting the Teaching Team – Josh

The Quest - Belong

The Quest: Belong

The Quest - Belong

Snippet: “Jesus acknowledged the need to build trust and establish a sense of belonging.  Too often someone shares Jesus with us through just verbally sharing the gospel, but the truth of a relationship with Jesus is not just an argument.  The truth of Jesus is also in the relationships that people have with those who follow Him.”

Listen to the audio of Cris’ message from Mark 2

The Quest - Become

The Quest: Become (Sermon Audio)

The Quest - Become

Snippet: “For some people their quest toward figuring out Jesus begins by seeing that who Jesus is resonates with who they are.  They start seeing that Jesus’ teachings, actions, and life resonates with what they value and already care deeply about.  Their path begins through the ways they are becoming closer to who Jesus is. And that’s what we’ll be focusing on today.  This idea of becoming…”

Listen to Jean’s message from Acts 17.

Christmas Hope in the No-Hope Zone (Sermon Audio)

Snippet: “We get the sense that Christmas for us isn’t always ideal.  That as we move forward in anticipation of the story of Jesus’ birth, we have parts of our lives where we honestly don’t have a lot of hope.

Today we’ll see that God has something to say to us about those darker places. …”

Hear the full audio of Cris’ message from Luke 1.


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