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Advent :: Love (Sermon Audio)

Advent - Love

Likely the reason that “Love” is included as a theme in Advent is because we see the baby Jesus as an indication of God’s love for us. And while that’s true, there’s another aspect of this story that has much to tell us about what God’s love is like. In this message from Matthew 1, Sabrina shares with us how Joseph and the way he loves Mary and the baby Jesus is an excellent model of Jesus’ love for us. Listen to the audio below.

Sermon Audio

Advent :: Love (Sermon delivered by Sabrina)

The Weight of Guilt

The Weight of Guilt

Guilt can be a major motivating factor in our lives – and unnecessarily so.

As the story of Joseph continues, and his brothers come back into contact with him, we see clearly the impact and weight of guilt upon their lives.  And from this we are pointed to remember what WE are to do with the weight of guilt – how we can become better at giving that to God.

Listen to the audio of Pastor Bum’s message, below.

Sermon Audio

Joseph – The Weight of Guilt – Pastor Bum

Two Good Forgets (Sermon Audio)

Two Good Forgets

We normally think about forgetting things as a bad thing (and in scripture what we’re often told is to “remember,” rather than forget).

And yet, at the turning point in the story of Joseph — when we see things finally getting better — we find that there are two very good “forgets.”  Listen to the audio of Josh’s sermon, below.

Sermon Audio

Joseph – Two Good Forgets – Josh

Note: The audio quality is a bit off due to a recording issue.

The Temptation to Despair

Hope versus Despair

One of the most dangerous temptations we face as we follow Jesus is the temptation to despair — especially when we feel lost, or without purpose, or we don’t understand why God is allowing something to happen.

The story of Joseph’s enslavement in Egypt cries out against despair, and shows us how no circumstances can thwart God’s presence and work in our life.

Listen to the audio below!

Sermon Audio

The Temptation to Despair – Cris

Joseph’s Dreams (Sermon Audio)

Joseph's Dreams

Do you remember what ever happened to the dreams of your youth? Did they come true? Did they change?

We ask this question as a primer to the next six weeks at Outpour, where we’ll be seeing the story of God’s redemption unfold through the life of Joseph and his family.

Where does this story of redemption start? Who does God choose to use? And what can we learn about Him in the process? Listen to Pastor Bum’s message from the start of Joseph’s story, below.

Sermon Audio

Joseph’s Dreams – Pastor Bum


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