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Lent – John 16 – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

What Kind of King Are You Looking For? (Sermon Audio)


In a matter of days Jesus went from being welcomed as a king by the crowds as he entered into Jerusalem, to being crucified by a people who were now disappointed in the kind of king that Jesus turned out to be. And as we reflect on this period in Jesus’ life, we should ask ourselves what kind of King *we* are looking for. What kind of King do *we* want to worship?  Are we truly looking for the Jesus of scripture who calls us into a life of sacrifice and dependence on Him?

In this message from John 12, we are challenged to face this question head on. Listen to the audio below!

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Lent, Week 6 – Palm Sunday – What Kind of King Do We Worship? – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Having to Say You’re Sorry (Sermon Audio)


In this 5th week of Lent we dwell upon what it really means to repent – to say “sorry” to God. Is it something we pursue for our individual failings or is there a communal component as well? Listen to the audio below as we are challenged by Psalm 51 to repent more genuinely and completely.

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Lent Week 5 – Repentance – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Sabbath: The Hardest Commandment to Keep? (Sermon Audio)


As we continue in this season of Lent, the lectionary has us learning from the ten commandments. And it’s interesting to notice that the most time and words are spent on the commandment to keep the Sabbath. Is this because it’s the most difficult for us to keep? Pastor Bum explores the commandment of keeping the Sabbath and its implications for us today. Listen to the audio below!

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Lent – Week 3 – The 10 Commandments and the Sabbath – Pastor Bum Yong Kim


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