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Advent :: Love (Sermon Audio)

Advent - Love

Likely the reason that “Love” is included as a theme in Advent is because we see the baby Jesus as an indication of God’s love for us. And while that’s true, there’s another aspect of this story that has much to tell us about what God’s love is like. In this message from Matthew 1, Sabrina shares with us how Joseph and the way he loves Mary and the baby Jesus is an excellent model of Jesus’ love for us. Listen to the audio below.

Sermon Audio

Advent :: Love (Sermon delivered by Sabrina)

Advent | Mary the Revolutionary (Sermon Audio)

Mary the Revolutionary

God’s revolution is to entirely change our understanding of what we should value and pursue. Where the world lauds upward mobility and power, we are to embrace *downward* mobility and humility. And when we read what’s referred to as Mary’s “magnificat” in response to what God is doing through her, we see that she is in fact signing up for this life-changing revolution.  Listen and be challenged to do likewise in this message from Luke, chapter 1.

Sermon Audio

Advent | Mary the Revolutionary – Pastor Bum


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