Obsession With Preaching

Obsession With Preaching

Cris PreachingJust yesterday, I had a lively debate with another pastor about preaching. He was excited about my vision to plant a church that empowers lay people to minister but balked when I told him that I have lay people preaching as much as I do on any given Sunday. His argument was that the pulpit is the primary place where a pastor asserts his vision and authority and to give that up is to forfeit leadership.

Although I acknowledge preaching can be a powerful and effective way to teach the masses, it did not seem to be Jesus’ primary way of teaching. In fact, there could be a good case made that Jesus was trying to find only the most interested by intentionally speaking obscurely with parables. Only those that came and asked for an explanation were given “the secret of the Kingdom of God.” (Mark 4:11) Many of these became disciples.

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