Neither the Right Nor the Left 5

Pouring Out: Following Instructions

Pouring Out - Following Instructions

Snippet: “So I’m running my best time for a 5-mile training run. I only have half a mile left to go. As I pass by a bridge, I see there is a guy standing there with a 12-pack of beer. And suddenly in my head pops the idea that I should go talk to him…”

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Bum’s Message:  Pouring Out: Following Instructions

The Holy Spirit, Uncovered: Obedience

The Holy Spirit, Uncovered

Snippet: “The biggest, most important result of the Holy Spirit being inside of us is that we actually are able to obey God. Many of us think that obedience means drumming up our own power to obey God, but the good news is that YOU don’t have the power to do it, but GOD gives you that power through the Holy Spirit.”

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Bum’s Message: The Holy Spirit, Uncovered: Obedience


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