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Fighting for Forgiveness

Keep Calm and Pay Me Back
If someone pays for your meal when you’re out with them (and they’re not family or the person you’re dating), you likely feel obligated to pay them back in some way. Or if someone gives us a birthday gift, we likely make note of it so we remember to give *them* a gift on their birthday.

In the same way, we often operate on the notion that we need to somehow earn or pay back the forgiveness God offers us.  This is one of the persistent lies that keeps us from going to Jesus when we sin — a lie that we need to fight against in seeking forgiveness.  We see what this fight for forgiveness looks like through the story of Peter in John 21. Listen to Pastor Bum’s sermon, below!

Sermon Audio

Fighting for Forgiveness – Pastor Bum

Sermon Audio – Remaining in the Midst of Uncertainty

Jesus’ interaction with Peter tells us that dealing with the inevitable uncertainties of life doesn’t always mean getting rid of the thing that’s causing the uncertainty. That might happen – and Jesus does eventually calm the wind – but primarily it’s about moving toward Jesus, remaining with Jesus, even as the wind and the waves of uncertainty thrash around us.

Play the audio of Cris’ message from Matthew 14.


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