James 5 :: No Matter What, Pray

James 5 :: No Matter What, Pray


Prayer is a relationship, not crisis management. It’s for everyone, not just those who are “certain” of the outcome. In this message from James 5, we are guided to see prayer more clearly and to embrace it as part of our everyday life. Listen to the audio below!

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James 5 – No Matter What, Pray – Cris

1 Samuel 13 :: Stress


Stressful situations reveal who we really are. When we’re in our most dire moments, it squeezes out both the best and worst parts of us. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to draw closer to God.

Listen to this past week’s message from 1 Samuel 13, and Jenna’s present-day testimony about how God has pursued her in the midst of stress.

Sermon / Testimony Audio:

1 Samuel 13 – Stress – Pastor Bum

Repentance – Psalm 51 (Sermon Audio)

Change the Rules

When we’ve done something wrong, why not simply change the rules?  Why can’t we simply say that we did was good instead of bad?

It sounds silly when phrased that way, but this is something we do all the time. It’s pretty common for us to take something we know is wrong and change our interpretation of it a little bit to make it something that’s “right for *me*” or something that “works for *me.*”  We become the King of our own hearts: we make ourselves the highest authority so that we can decide if what we’ve done is wrong or not.

As we finish our series from the Book of Psalms, we see the contrast of how King David (someone who could just change the rules) responds when confronted with what he’s done wrong. Listen to the audio from Sabrina’s message, below.

Sermon Audio:

Repentance – Psalm 51 – Sabrina

Anger – Psalm 109 (Sermon Audio)

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Anger is not often thought of as a “Christian-like” emotion.  In fact, it’s often implied that anger is a bad thing and something to be avoided.

But the truth is that anger in and of itself is not sinful. Jesus expressed anger several times in the New Testament, and God is often described as being angry as He sees what His creation is up to.

So how can we express our anger in ways that aren’t sinful, but rather reflect the heart of God?  Listen to Pastor Bum’s message from Psalm 109, below.

Sermon Audio

Anger – Psalm 109 – Pastor Bum

Pouring Out: Guide

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Snippet: “What is so encouraging is that God is the one who is doing all of this work. Do we have eyes to see and ultimately do we care enough that we’re going to dig a hole through a person’s roof to get them to Jesus?”

Sermon Audio:

Bum’s Message:  Pouring Out: Guide

Forgiveness and the Lord’s Prayer

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Upside Down and Inside Out: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount

Snippet: “As I prepared for tonight, I kept coming back to Jesus’ words. I can’t get around his reminder that they are my brothers and sisters, whether I feel that way or not. I can’t escape his repeated instruction to forgive them, to let them off of the hook, because He let’s me off the hook all the time. If I want mercy from Him, I am invited to show mercy – over and over and over again.”

Sermon Audio:
Andrea’s Message: Upside Down and Inside Out: Forgiveness and the Lord’s Prayer

Concert of Worship and Prayer

Concert of Worship and Prayer

Concert of Worship and Prayer

Our normal weekly gathering will be an evening of worship and prayer as we approach our launch at the end of this month!

This will be a joint service with our sister churches, Community Covenant and Christ Covenant Church, and we will pray for what God is doing through our respective communities.

  • This is a *potluck* so please think of a dish that you can share.
  • Students, don’t worry too much about bringing food. Maybe if you can bring some cookies or a dessert, that would be great!

The Great Welcome: Hospitality to the Holy Spirit (Sermon Audio)

If Jesus is this readily accessible, why don’t we have more interactions with Him?  Why don’t we hear from Him more often? Why don’t we take our troubles to Him more often?  I think we want that – I think all of us desire to have more interactions with Jesus –  but I think at this point we run into an insecurity that says, “I don’t want to be disappointed. …”

Listen to the sermon audio from Bum’s message.


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