Jesus’ Unlikely Family: From Disruptive Change to Beloved Community 2

Jesus’ Unlikely Family: From Disruptive Change to Beloved Community 2

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Jesus’ Unlikely Family: From Disruptive Change to Beloved Community 2 – Acts 2 – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

The Day of the Lord (Sermon Audio)

The Day of the Lord

As Christians, we believe there will come a time where God will intervene personally in history to bring about His perfect justice. We know this as the Day of the Lord — a great and yet terrible day as we are among those in need of forgiveness.

In thinking of the injustice of Ferguson, we see that God calls us to engage injustice now because He cares about justice and wants to use us to right it. But God also calls us to rest in knowing that ultimately it will be His justice that will reign, which frees us to seek reconciliation even before there is justice.

Listen to the audio below as Josh explores the Day of the Lord and its implications for how we should approach the injustice of Ferguson and the larger injustices of the world.

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The Day of the Lord – Josh

Family Reunion

Family Reunion

At times, when it comes to our families, it’s not that warm and fuzzy. In fact, some of us feel like we are carrying scars from the way our families were, even to this day.

This is what the last part of the story of Joseph is about: how maybe there could be a way to get past that, and to really have that moment where all the hurt could be forgotten, where all the scars could no longer have pain, and where you could sit down and connect with the true love that families are supposed to have, but often don’t.

Listen to Josh’s message from Genesis 45 and 46, below.

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Family Reunion – Josh

Note: The audio quality is a bit off due to a recording issue.

Going Deeper: Stories of God in Our Ethnic Journey (Audio)

Going Deeper - Stories of God in Our Ethnic Journey

One of our stated values is that we want to be a place where racial reconciliation happens. But one of the dangers is that we get comfortable being around each other, but never entering into each other’s worlds.

We don’t want this to be the case with Outpour. We want this place to be a place where we go beyond the surface level. And one of the best ways we can do that is to hear each other’s stories.

Listen to Bum’s intro and the three testimonies shared this past Sunday below.


Intro – Going Beyond the Surface Level – Pastor Bum

Micah’s Testimony

May’s Testimony

Angela’s Testimony

Reconciliation between People Groups – Sermon Audio

Reconciliation between People Groups

While reconciliation is a huge part of our Christian faith, too often we think about it only in individual terms. But the amazing news of the Gospel is that God wants to see the entire broken world restored. His global plan embodies reconciliation of people groups. Listen to the full audio of Jean’s message below.

Sermon Audio:

Reconciliation Between People Groups – Jean

Reconciliation with Family – Sermon Audio!

Reconciliation with Family

While it’s clear that Christians are supposed to always pursue reconciled relationships, one of the areas where this may feel the most difficult is in our own families. If you missed the third part of our five part series on reconciliation, you can listen to Pastor Bum’s sermon on reconciliation with family from 2 Samuel, below!

Sermon Audio:

Reconciliation with Family – Bum


Reconciliation – Sermon Audio Update!

Reconciliation Series

Forgiveness and Reconciliation are at the core of what it means to be a Christian. Scripture tells us that Christians should never give up on people – that we must always forgive and always pursue reconciliation.

But why do we do this? And what does reconciliation look like?  Join us for the remaining messages, and if you missed any of the previous sermons, you can catch up through the audio links below!

Sermon Audio:

Reconciliation with God – Bum

Reconciliation with Each Other – Cris


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