Having to Say You’re Sorry (Sermon Audio)

Having to Say You’re Sorry (Sermon Audio)


In this 5th week of Lent we dwell upon what it really means to repent – to say “sorry” to God. Is it something we pursue for our individual failings or is there a communal component as well? Listen to the audio below as we are challenged by Psalm 51 to repent more genuinely and completely.

Sermon Audio

Lent Week 5 – Repentance – Pastor Bum Yong Kim

Repentance – Psalm 51 (Sermon Audio)

Change the Rules

When we’ve done something wrong, why not simply change the rules?  Why can’t we simply say that we did was good instead of bad?

It sounds silly when phrased that way, but this is something we do all the time. It’s pretty common for us to take something we know is wrong and change our interpretation of it a little bit to make it something that’s “right for *me*” or something that “works for *me.*”  We become the King of our own hearts: we make ourselves the highest authority so that we can decide if what we’ve done is wrong or not.

As we finish our series from the Book of Psalms, we see the contrast of how King David (someone who could just change the rules) responds when confronted with what he’s done wrong. Listen to the audio from Sabrina’s message, below.

Sermon Audio:

Repentance – Psalm 51 – Sabrina

Epiphany: Unabashed Love

You are my son whom I love with you I am well pleased

All of us can likely remember a time when our mom or dad embarrassed us. And many of those embarrassing instances likely revolve around too much affection being shown in public.

It was this kind of unabashed affection that God publicly pours out about Jesus upon being baptized. And this declaration reveals to us both who Jesus is, and the type of love God has for us.

Listen to Pastor Bum’s message from today’s Epiphany service using the link below.



Sermon Audio:

Epiphany | God’s Unabashed Love – Pastor Bum


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