Thanksgiving: Sermon Series Audio

Thanksgiving: Sermon Series Audio


Catching up on audio uploads from our more recent Sermon series.

Leading up to Thanksgiving last year, we focused maintaining an attitude of thanksgiving in various circumstances. Listen to the audio below!

Sermon Audio

Living Water: Pouring Out

Pouring OutSnippet: “The invitation this morning is: What is your story? Where is God calling you to go and give that testimony, and how are you going to guide them to have their own direct experience with Jesus?”

Sermon Audio:

Bum’s Message:  Living Water: Pouring Out

Living Water: Drinking Mayonnaise

MayonnaiseSnippet: “…As ridiculous as it might sound to drink mayonnaise, what we’re going to see is that we will actually drink all kinds of crazy stuff to try to fill our personal needs. Stuff that in our sober moments we would say “No, that can’t possibly be good!”

As we continue in the story of the woman at the well, we see Jesus offering the Samaritan woman an alternative to the mayo she was drinking: something that would actually quench her thirst and meet her needs. …”

Sermon Audio:

Bum’s Message:  Living Water: Drinking Mayonaisse


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