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Sermon Audio – The Great Welcome: Luke 14:1-14

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When you invite someone into your home or when you’re trying to welcome someone… you have to be willing to let them break your rules. …

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Note: The audio begins about 15 seconds into the message.

Sermon Audio – The Great Welcome: Hospitality to Strangers

When we extend hospitality to others, our hearts are being trained, through imitation, to become more like the heart that God had for Matthew and the heart that He has for us.  The mark of a follower of Christ is not the hospitality we express to our friends and family; rather it’s the hospitality we extend to the stranger, it’s the heart that we have for the stranger. …

Play the audio of Cris’ message from Matthew 9.

Note: The first minute of the sermon had to be restored due to a technical glitch, so the audio will sound different until about 1 minute into the message.

Sermon Audio – Remain: Seeing Jesus Everywhere

One of our deepest longings as a church is to empower people to see opportunities to be with Jesus; to see Jesus’ invitation to grow in relationship with him as we partner with him. But we also acknowledge that many of us don’t have 20/20 vision quite yet.  We still need corrective lenses – we’re still a little blind.  How do we break out of blindness then?  How do we break away from assumptions that keep us from seeing Jesus in every aspect of our lives? …

Play the audio of Jean’s message from Mark 8.

Sermon Audio – Remain: Community

God’s going to bring people into our lives, and we should welcome relationships, but we don’t need to cling to the ones that He gives us. Love the people in your community and give them grace, but also know that sometimes the best way to love them is to let them go.

Play the sermon of Josh’s message from Psalm 107.

Sermon Audio – Remaining in the Midst of Uncertainty

Jesus’ interaction with Peter tells us that dealing with the inevitable uncertainties of life doesn’t always mean getting rid of the thing that’s causing the uncertainty. That might happen – and Jesus does eventually calm the wind – but primarily it’s about moving toward Jesus, remaining with Jesus, even as the wind and the waves of uncertainty thrash around us.

Play the audio of Cris’ message from Matthew 14.

Sermon Audio – Remain: John 15

In a time of great uncertainty and transition (Jesus’ death and ascension to heaven), Jesus last advice is not that they should work harder to do several additional things, but instead to remain connected to the most important thing (John 15), Himself.  It is not new things we need to add to our list, but clarity about how we should remain the same.

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