Jesus’ Final Hours – Washing Each Other’s Feet

Jesus’ Final Hours – Washing Each Other’s Feet

Jesus' Final Hours

If you knew you had only 12 hours to live, how would you choose to spend those final hours? A party with friends? A few thrill-seeking adventures?

This may be a hypothetical question for us, but in scripture we see Jesus knows quite clearly that He’s going to die. He knows exactly when and how it’s going to happen. And as we watch the final hours of His life unfold in the book of John, it’s striking that Jesus chooses to continue to serve.

You can listen to the full audio of Pastor Bum’s sermon from John 13, below.

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Washing Each Other’s Feet – Pastor Bum

Pouring Out: Give (Service)

Get Out of Jail Free Card

Snippet: “At that moment, instead of using your Get Out of Jail Free card and opting out of the moment of service and sacrifice, listen for the Holy Spirit. Because that might be the exact moment that someone is being set up to see the expensive and outrageous sacrifice of Jesus – to say yes to Him for the first time.”

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Bum’s Message:  Pouring Out: Give (Service)


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