The Temptation to Despair

The Temptation to Despair

Hope versus Despair

One of the most dangerous temptations we face as we follow Jesus is the temptation to despair — especially when we feel lost, or without purpose, or we don’t understand why God is allowing something to happen.

The story of Joseph’s enslavement in Egypt cries out against despair, and shows us how no circumstances can thwart God’s presence and work in our life.

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The Temptation to Despair – Cris

You Were Called To Be Free – Sermon Audio

You were called to be free.
Many of us live day to day as incongruent Christians: Christians who mentally believe that we do not have to earn God’s love, yet at the same time do so many things out of obligation, guilt, and shame in an effort to “make ourselves good enough.” We are offered the freedom of a relationship with God or the slavery of obligation and guilt, and we often choose the latter.

It is into this dysfunctional way of living that Galatians 5 speaks.

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Galatians 5 – Fight For Your Freedom – Cris


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