Hope in God in the Midst of Suffering (Sermon Audio)

Hope in God in the Midst of Suffering (Sermon Audio)


Suffering is a reality of life that we do not “escape” by following Jesus. However, how we go through suffering or what we do in the midst of suffering can be and should be different for those who follow Christ. In this message from Lamentations 3, we explore how to have hope in God when we are suffering. Listen below!

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Hope in God When We Are Suffering – Lamentations 3 – Jean

Lent :: Why Do It? – Sermon Audio


It’s easy to reduce Lent to simply what we’re “giving up” for the season. But is Lent really just about choosing into unnecessary inconvenience?

In this message from Mark 1 we explore the motivations for Lent through the lens of Jesus’ time in the wilderness right before the start of His ministry. Listen to the audio below!

Sermon Audio

Lent – Why Do It? – Cris

Thanksgiving: Sermon Series Audio


Catching up on audio uploads from our more recent Sermon series.

Leading up to Thanksgiving last year, we focused maintaining an attitude of thanksgiving in various circumstances. Listen to the audio below!

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1 Samuel 1 :: Suffering

1 Samuel 1 - Suffering

Suffering is going to happen — it’s a fact of living in a broken world. And when we go through it, we have a choice of what to do with that suffering. For some, suffering drives them away from God. For others, it drives them to Him.

In this first message in a series from 1 Samuel, we hear the story of what a woman named Hannah chooses to do with her suffering, and the present-day testimony of Joshua and his family’s journey on a difficult financial road.

Note: The audio begins in the middle of Pastor Bum reading through the scripture passage.

Sermon / Testimony Audio

1 Samuel 1 – Suffering – Pastor Bum, Joshua


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