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1 Samuel 13 :: Stress


Stressful situations reveal who we really are. When we’re in our most dire moments, it squeezes out both the best and worst parts of us. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to draw closer to God.

Listen to this past week’s message from 1 Samuel 13, and Jenna’s present-day testimony about how God has pursued her in the midst of stress.

Sermon / Testimony Audio:

1 Samuel 13 – Stress – Pastor Bum

1 Samuel 1 :: Suffering

1 Samuel 1 - Suffering

Suffering is going to happen — it’s a fact of living in a broken world. And when we go through it, we have a choice of what to do with that suffering. For some, suffering drives them away from God. For others, it drives them to Him.

In this first message in a series from 1 Samuel, we hear the story of what a woman named Hannah chooses to do with her suffering, and the present-day testimony of Joshua and his family’s journey on a difficult financial road.

Note: The audio begins in the middle of Pastor Bum reading through the scripture passage.

Sermon / Testimony Audio

1 Samuel 1 – Suffering – Pastor Bum, Joshua

Baptisms and Testimonies!

BaptismThis past Sunday, five Outpour folks got baptized! Listen to Pastor Bum’s message from Matthew 28 and each of the testimonies, below!


Message from Matthew 28 – Pastor Bum
— Maya’s Testimony
— JJ’s Testimony
— Tyler’s Testimony
— Elise’s Testimony
— David’s Testimony

What a great day!

Going Deeper: Stories of God in Our Ethnic Journey (Audio)

Going Deeper - Stories of God in Our Ethnic Journey

One of our stated values is that we want to be a place where racial reconciliation happens. But one of the dangers is that we get comfortable being around each other, but never entering into each other’s worlds.

We don’t want this to be the case with Outpour. We want this place to be a place where we go beyond the surface level. And one of the best ways we can do that is to hear each other’s stories.

Listen to Bum’s intro and the three testimonies shared this past Sunday below.


Intro – Going Beyond the Surface Level – Pastor Bum

Micah’s Testimony

May’s Testimony

Angela’s Testimony

Pouring Out: Give (Good News)

Paul speaking at the Areopagus

Snippet: “Is the Gospel message good news to you? Because if it isn’t good news for you, it’s going to be hard to share as good news to others. And if it’s good news to you, then how can this be shared with your friends in a way that is contextualized and provocative?”

Sermon Audio:

Jean’s Message:  Pouring Out: Give (Good News)



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