Nathan Rebukes David :: 2 Samuel 12 (Sermon Audio)

Nathan Rebukes David :: 2 Samuel 12 (Sermon Audio)

Nathan Confronts David

Often with God, the greatest places of sin and hurt in our lives are the best and most gracious places of God’s presence. The aspects of our lives that we consider the weakest or most sinful are often the places where God is most apparent and redemptive. We see this in the life of King David, and through this message from 2 Samuel 12, this truth is highlighted for our lives as well. Listen to the audio below.

Sermon Audio

2 Samuel 12 – Nathan Confronts King David (Sermon delivered by Pastor Bum)

1 Samuel 2-3 :: Speaking the Truth

Speaking Truth

For many of us, nothing scares us more than needing to confront someone with truth. Often we care more about our own reputation or social standing than we do about God’s desire to reach people.

In this message from 1 Samuel 2-3, we’re encouraged to be people of courage, who not only discern God’s voice, but who also have the willingness to speak.

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1 Samuel 2-3 – Speaking the Truth – Pastor Bum

Speaking Truth – Jonah 3 Sermon Audio

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Jonah 3

If someone had a piece of food stuck in their teeth, or something coming out of their nose, or toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoe, would you tell them? Often we might shy away from doing so because we don’t want to embarrass them.

But as we read the third chapter of Jonah, we see that speaking truth to others – sharing something that’s happening that they’re not aware of – is in fact a service to them.  And it’s a service that we are often reluctant to pursue.

Listen to Pastor Bum’s message from Jonah 3, below.

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Speaking Truth – Pastor Bum

Galatians (2): Where Do You Find Truth?

Galatians II - Where Do You Find Truth?

When we think about what it means to be a Christian, how do we figure out what is cultural and what are timeless truths? As we delve deeper in Galatians, we can learn directly from Paul as he strove to separate the cultural expectations of Judaism from the truth of the Gospel.

This is an important message for us as a young church, as we seek to not be caught up in stubborn insistence on traditions that have little to do with the Gospel itself.

Sermon Audio:

Galatians (2): Where Do You Find Truth? – Sabrina


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