The Day of the Lord (Sermon Audio)

The Day of the Lord (Sermon Audio)

The Day of the Lord

As Christians, we believe there will come a time where God will intervene personally in history to bring about His perfect justice. We know this as the Day of the Lord — a great and yet terrible day as we are among those in need of forgiveness.

In thinking of the injustice of Ferguson, we see that God calls us to engage injustice now because He cares about justice and wants to use us to right it. But God also calls us to rest in knowing that ultimately it will be His justice that will reign, which frees us to seek reconciliation even before there is justice.

Listen to the audio below as Josh explores the Day of the Lord and its implications for how we should approach the injustice of Ferguson and the larger injustices of the world.

Sermon Audio

The Day of the Lord – Josh


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