The Great Co-Mission

The Great Co-Mission

Wordle image depicting the Great Commission passage

Many who have been Christians for some time or who grew up in the church are familiar with a phrase called “The Great Commission” – Jesus’ instruction to go and make disciples of all nations.

But what is really so “great” about this mandate?  Often it can loom over us as a chore that feels uncomfortable or awkward, and many times it becomes more of a suggestion – something we think we ought to do, but don’t.

Is this truly all there is to the Great Commission?  Is it simply an outwardly focused, burdensome task?  Is there nothing in it for us?

Join us as we continue in our current series, “The Great Co-Mission,” where we explore the answers to these questions.  We will push deeper in our understanding as we uncover that the great commission is a dual mission:  that going out and telling others about Jesus goes hand in hand with our internal growth.

What do the internal benefits of the great commission look like?  What’s in it for us when we share who Jesus is with others?  Join us and find out!


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