The Missional Church

The Missional Church

From “If You Build It, They Will Come”…

The traditional strategy for church growth has been the Attractional Model.  This is where the church is made as attractive as possible with great worship, teaching, programs, children’s ministry and facilities.  The goal is to get people to come to church in order to be discipled or evangelized.  This model works well with those that have some church background or are spiritually open.  But what of the growing majority of people who would never step foot into a church building?

To “Church Without Walls”…

We at Outpour want to be one of the growing number of churches employing the Missional Model.  Although Jesus did visit the Synagogues, the majority of his ministry was with the masses and “sinners”.  In an increasingly secular and un-churched culture, we must be willing to be sent as missionaries to our neighborhoods, clubs, workplaces and families, taking church to smaller groups and individuals.  We want to communicate that the Holy Spirit has been poured out on us to fulfill this very purpose.


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